How many kids are you planning on having per team as most parents want to make sure their child is getting a fair amount of play time?

12 is my ideal number for 14’s and below. 3 on the bench is manageable and it’s enough to cover injuries, sickness and vacations. In regards to the fluff…Really it will depend on what kind of numbers we have at the tryouts, and also, the skill of those numbers. We are always trying to compete while also giving kids opportunities. The best players will be on the best teams. If that is only 10 to even 13 players on a team, than we will make it work. The HS teams will consist of around 15 players to cover the longer game times and bigger tournaments.


How much are the dues?

Each parent will pay for the weekly practices and possible weekend practices/scrimmages that ranges from $150-$225 depending the age. The tournaments are separate and are usually in the $65 range for the youth players and $100 and up for the HS players. Individual strength and speed, hitting, defensive and pitching lessons are also available starting at $45/ half hour, $65/ 45 min and $85/ hour.


What is the practice schedule like?

We practice twice a week, for 1-2 hours each practice. Our practices cover all individual defensive fundamentals, team defensive (pfp’s, 1st and 3rd D, pickoffs, runs downs, bunt coverages), base running, hitting, pitching, catching, and mental sides of the game. All practices are based on college and professional layouts.


What happens if it rains?

We have covered cages we will use if the weather keeps us off of the field.


What major tournaments are you planning on participating in this year and do you travel?

We are so blessed to live in Houston and will stay local playing Nations and USSSA for 14U and below and showcase type events for the HS players. As the boys get into their sophomore year, we look to make the trips to National PG events in Georgia or Florida.


Can the boy’s use the fields this year during the day as most of them drive now, and I know a few of them would like to go to the fields and get some extra reps in?

Yes.  If the boys would like to come up to the field when a coach is there to get some side throwing, hitting in the cage, or running in, that will be allowed at no extra cost.


What camps/showcases do you strongly recommend for getting the boys in?

You parents should sit down with your sons and gage their college interests. If they are serious about wanting to play college baseball, meaning they are passionate about the game and want to put everything into it, I promise you all, there is a place for everyone to play. Even if it is not A&M or UT. Playing college baseball will be the best decision they ever made even if it is at a smaller school. You and your son should make a list of their top college choices and then go and visit some schools so they can get a feel for what its all about. Then check out the school baseball websites and see when they are having camps. Sign them up!!! You have to pimp your kids! You cannot just sit back and wait for it to happen. We will also sit down with each player and parents and talk about their college lists and help reach out to any coaches we think they would be a good fit for.


When should we vacation this summer?

Plan a vacation in AUGUST before the new school year begins. I cannot emphasize this enough. We need our players committed during the summer, so please plan for August if at all possible. We take pretty much that entire month off.


I am looking to sign my son up for summer school. Will this conflict?

No. Summer school is during the day. Practices are in the evening and games are on the weekends. He will still have plenty of time to study!


Can my son get a summer job?

What are his plans for the future? If he is serious about baseball, get a job that does not conflict with any of it. If he is going to miss a lot of practices or tournaments because of a summer job, our program may not be the best fit. I agree we need to teach these kids how to work, but having them come up to the field almost everyday this summer is work and will still teach them responsibility and commitment.


Is there a chance my son could get some practice time in different positions?

Yes. We will ask them where their high school sees them playing on varsity and will try and work them there. They will play all over the field if they want more playing time. The best guys will play in the positions that give us the best chance of winning. Pitchers and catchers are like gold!


Under armor/PG offers a service that puts together stats and videos of the kids.  I was wondering if this year you could help us put together something for the kids so that they could market themselves.  I am sure I can talk to some of the parents and we could do this with guidance from you?

RTG Baseball has personal video capability. We will plan a time for your son to come up to the field and get video of him. We will edit the film, put it on DVD’s and help send them to colleges. Get with us if you would like to plan this.