David Fisher

Director of International Player Development- DBAT Sports

RTG baseball is owned and operated by my son Brian. It’s hard as a dad not to be prejudice about your son. His academy has been open for over three years now. I remember the call as if it was yesterday when he said he was going to quit his job with the Astros to start his own baseball academy. As a dad, I was very proud but as an avid baseball guy, i was ecstatic. My only regret was he was in Houston and I live in Dallas so i could not be there as often as i wanted to lend a hand. He has taken his academy from one team to over 100 kids. He has his brother, former Razorback and Miami Marlin helping, along with 2 other former Marlins coaching and instructing.

His academy’s name says it all RESPECT THE GAME. He was a huge Derek Jeter fan and just loved the way he played the game and respected the game, hence the name.

I will close by saying I have never met a person with so much passion for the game and love for the kids. He has a special gift that you just can’t help wanting to be a part of. Just hangout with Brian for 5 minutes and you will know exactly what i mean.

He is a great person, a great baseball guy, soon to be a great husband and one day a great dad but most of all he is a great son.

I love you Brian. Good luck. Keep chasing your dreams. And BE GREAT.

Alias – Papa Fish



Chad Carman

Director of Baseball Ops (Prodigal Sports Group)

Had the opportunity to spend some time with Brian and this academy while in Houston. The name says it all. He teaches kids college level fundamentals while showing the importance of truly respecting the time that a ball player spends between the white lines. These kids are growing up to be great athletes as well as great men. Wouldn’t hesitate to put my kid in this program.